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Course 5…


Thinking about Course 5… and a way to integrate technology into the classroom. I’ve known for a while now that I want to use technology in our upcoming science unit, The Garden. I’m not sure exactly how I want to do it, but I’ve been looking at our T.A.I.L. Standards to help me gather some […]



Let’s talk about writing. Since graduating from college, I’ve probably written a handful of essays, only because I’ve continued to take courses. But I probably average anywhere between 10 and 25 emails a day, and a blog post every so often. I’ve written numerous cover letters, resumes, and emails to potential employers… but noone really […]

Things Change.


Achieving Techno-Literacy is an article from the NYTimes I read a long long time ago. One thing that has stuck with me since reading this article is this: Before you can master a device, program or invention, it will be superseded; you will always be a beginner. Get good at it. Things are changing all […]

Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction is an article that was published in the NYTimes at the end of November. Since then, it gained a lot of responses from the education and technology communities. Here is my two cents that I never published:   Lets talk about the population of students today who are “distracted” by […]



2011 is already here and I’m behind four blog posts?! How is this possible? I’m a good student and I always turn my homework in on time. This can’t be!! It certainly isn’t a great way to start a new year, so I’m attempting to catch up ASAP.   Blogging marathon, ready, GO.



  In September, Jeff said in his TEDx talk Community Trumps Content that, “Our students are being suppressed today.” Turn off your cellphone. Get off Facebook. Stop texting under your desk.   I was born in late 1985. There has been a computer in my house since I was in the sixth grade. I’ve had […]



And my final project…. As I mentioned in my last blog post, learning about visual literacy got me thinking about the images I use in my daily teaching. I wanted to try something that incorporated photographs that would better capture my five-year-old audience, especially because I have so many English language learners. In the past, […]