Let’s talk about writing.

Since graduating from college, I’ve probably written a handful of essays, only because I’ve continued to take courses.

But I probably average anywhere between 10 and 25 emails a day, and a blog post every so often. I’ve written numerous cover letters, resumes, and emails to potential employers… but noone really taught me how to write any of these things. Why is that?

Why is it that we teach our kids to write essays but noone teaches them how to write in real-life?

I ran across this post under the “freshly pressed” section sometime ago and had to laugh at the emails written by this college student. Not only is it embarrassing, but it’s incredibly difficult to understand. Someone teach this kid how to write!

Even though I’m a Kindergarten teacher, I assistant coach two varsity sports and have read enough emails written by high school students to know that we’re not teaching kids how to write an email.

As we move towards students writing a blog, are we teaching kids how to write a blog post?

Everyone has a different style of writing, but look at Michael Smith’s Principal Page (The Blog).

He’s one of my favorites. Some of his sentences aren’t even sentences, but more like fragments. I can’t even find a paragraph. But his message is clear and interesting to read.

So what are we teaching students to write?


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