Things Change.


Achieving Techno-Literacy is an article from the NYTimes I read a long long time ago.

One thing that has stuck with me since reading this article is this:

Before you can master a device, program or invention, it will be superseded; you will always be a beginner. Get good at it.

Things are changing all the time. Newer versions of your “new” gadget will be released even before you learn how to fully use it. So get used to being a beginner! There’s nothing wrong with always learning.

This quote isn’t just about technology. I’ve started to think about it more as an attitude…

I’m about halfway through my third year of teaching. At the school I work at, I definitely still fit in the “novice teacher” category. But I’m OK with it. One of my strengths is that I’m okay with being a beginner. It doesn’t frustrate me that things are constantly changing, and that I will be asked to try new things I’m not familiar with. I actually welcome this. Challenge me! Bring it on!

What does frustrate me is people opposed to change. In an environment where change is a constant (I work at an international school where both students and teachers come and go every year) and in a time where education and technology are moving faster than we can keep up, being stuck in your ways is old and boring.

Things change. Get with the program!


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