I am a skimming queen. I skim almost everything online. I can’t help it.

I’m actually an avid reader. I like to read a lot, and try to read as much as possible. But with easy access to thousands of pages of information out there… I physically can’t read everything I want to read. My curiosity takes me from one page to another before I finish what I first started. Hyperlinks are the worst. Next thing I know I have 30 tabs open and I haven’t finished reading anything. I hope to read them at a later time and end up opening more tabs that I don’t read the next day. It’s a vicious, never ending cycle. I think that’s why I’ve become a skimmer.

A visual is so important to me. Almost always, I’m not reading the entire page if it consists entirely of  text.

I need something to keep me engaged with minimal text that stands out if it’s really important. That’s why I love this presentation a colleague found on Slideshare:

Not only did it teach me something, but I was engaged the entire time. The photographs were relevant, the text simple, with just enough humor to make me giggle.


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