And my final project….

As I mentioned in my last blog post, learning about visual literacy got me thinking about the images I use in my daily teaching. I wanted to try something that incorporated photographs that would better capture my five-year-old audience, especially because I have so many English language learners. In the past, I’ve done picture sorts that look like this.

I never really thought about the power of one image and how can I can integrate good presentation skills into my classroom. I tried to incorporate a number of things I learned in Steal This Presentation to this lesson:

1. Have a killer opening slide – Hey, I tried with vivid use of color

2. Use a trendy color mix – Thank you colorlovers.com!

3. Use stunning visuals – Thank you Flickr!

4. Get your text right – I stuck to the same font and color scheme (all except the last slide, but that was on purpose)

5. Use CRAP – Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity

7. Share my work – Thank you Slideshare!

I really wanted to focus on visually stimulating photographs that would help students come up with words that start with /s/. My hope is that I can later refer to these pictures to help students make the connection that the letter “s” makes the /s/ sound.

The COETAIL class helped me come up with the idea that I should have the class help me come up with more words that start with /s/ and look for images that correspond with the word on Flickr. My students couldn’t do this on their own, but it would give our class an opportunity to talk about crediting other people for their work and how to search for images we can use.

It’s important to me that my students have many exposures to language, so a lesson like this one would only be a supplement to the many phonics lessons I would teach over the course of many days.


One Response to “/s/”

  1. 1 Wendy Van Bramer

    Check this out http://www.sometechsense.com/ This young lady has had a blog since age 2. I like this post as it is a good example of how to raise a good digital native. Be cool to see what our kindies could do.

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