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And my final project…. As I mentioned in my last blog post, learning about visual literacy got me thinking about the images I use in my daily teaching. I wanted to try something that incorporated photographs that would better capture my five-year-old audience, especially because I have so many English language learners. In the past, […]



So over the course of the past few blog posts you’ve learned that a) I’m an avid reader (when I have the time) and b) I think about clicking. You are about to learn that c) I’m a wannabe photographer. I took a few photography classes in high school and fell in love with printing my […]



There’s also something to be said about clicking. In this era of visual literacy, how you see something is so important. Where and why you click has huge implications for a great presentation. When do you decide that it’s time to click to the next slide? Do you want the reader to click so that something is […]



I am a skimming queen. I skim almost everything online. I can’t help it. I’m actually an avid reader. I like to read a lot, and try to read as much as possible. But with easy access to thousands of pages of information out there… I physically can’t read everything I want to read. My […]



“Vision trumps all other senses.” – Brain Rules It’s been awhile since we started Course 3, but visual literacy has been on my mind since. Why is it that some websites are more appealing than others? Am I the only person who thinks its ironic that our must read on visual literacy looks like this? […]