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I have not been a good blogger this time around. During my first course I did okay with keeping up with the blog, but this time I did not. I want to say this is because of the political¬†instability¬†that has kept us on the edge for the past few weeks. That and end of the […]

Summer is almost here! I was just reading a colleague’s blog and found an article called “Social Media Parenting: Raising a Digital Native“. This article is going to teach me how to raise a Digital Native? Bring it on! A couple of weeks ago I was having a conversation with another colleague. He is a […]

The New York Times calls it “A Social Network with Training Wheels“. Introducing: Togetherville. It’s a social networking site geared for kids. It connects a parent’s Facebook and allows kids to connect with their parents’ friend’s kids. Almost everything the kids have access to is approved by parents in advance. Does something like this allow […]



I got to experience Twitter at its best during the red shirt protests in Bangkok. On Wednesday, May 19 tensions in downtown Bangkok escalated immensely. I live and work outside of Bangkok, but have students, colleagues, and friends who live in the downtown area so we were all on edge during this time. The news […]

Over the past month or so, I’ve read numerous articles about how unhappy people are about Facebook and its rapidly changing privacy policy. According to this article, 60% of Facebook users are thinking about quitting. That number seems really high, but it’s important to know that people are starting to think about their privacy online. […]



Familiar with Chatroulette? What is it? What does it do? Chatroulette is a website. When you get on Chatroulette, it randomly connects you via video conference to another user. No names, no boundaries, no limits. It keeps no records, no back button. At any time, you can click “next” to be connected to another user. […]

I’ve had a Facebook account for six years now.¬† This was when you needed to have a college email address to open an account. Times have changed since then. My generation and those younger than me are often accused of putting everything online, without fully understanding its repercussions. It wasn’t until I started my job […]