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Course 1 ends soon. I just finished my project page! I have five more blog posts that are still in the drafting stages, so look out for those in the near future. I have tons of interesting things to say! I’ve had some time to reflect on my thinking throughout this first course and my […]

Huzzah! I am using my RSS reader!! Michael Smith’s Principals Page intrigues me because: 1) the caricature amuses me 2) his posts aren’t intense; they’re easy to read 3) he has a live feed on his dog Buddy’s recliner. I caught Buddy sleeping on his recliner today! YEI 😀 In March he wrote a simple […]

I’ve had a Facebook account since I was 18. That’s pretty old considering how young the kids on Facebook are nowadays… I was reading the section on “Hanging Out” in the Living and Learning with New Media report by the MacArthur Foundation and found their report pretty amazing. They capture the youth’s perspective on how […]

Up In The Air


A couple of weeks ago I watched Up In the Air. It resonated with me because its about a person, Ryan (George Clooney) who is totally disconnected and ungrounded. Always on the road, he feels more comfortable flying in an airplane than at “home” in Omaha, Nebraska. He makes a living by flying out to […]